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Talamus Ltd. is a major Ukrainian producer of tin packaging: Twist and SKO type tin lids for household and industrial preserves production. We ere targeted on delivering high quality products to Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
Talamus Ltd. has in-house facilities for technical innovations in manufacturing, making state of the art machines and instruments for production – since 2017 – TALAMUS INDUSTRIES.
The history of Talamus Ltd starts in 1993 when the small company emerged towards diversified production business.
In 1995 Talamus Ltd. started partnership with “SC Chernomorpoligrafmetall” factory producing a wide range of tin packaging goods (crown corks, caps and cans). Since then Talamus ltd. started growth of production and marketing activities towards markets of Ukraine and abroad. After a while Talamus Ltd. became a major stockholder of “SC Chernomorpoligraphmetall” and has focused on highly efficient production technologies and management to satisfy growing market demands of packaging goods.

упаковочная продукция из жести

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