Talamus Tool Tech is an integral part of TALAMUS LTD which has merged a tool shop, engineering and control systems departments to create a new and highly efficient branch. For many years these departments were serving only company's internal needs in support of tin packaging production. 
Through the past decade multiplicity of challenging tasks such as ultra high accuracy dyes, implementation of new production technologies, automation of old machinery, new products development have "forged and tempered" the TALAMUS LTD technical teams. 
Since 2017 Talamus Tool Tech started as a source of high tech services for local Ukrainian as well as foreign customers, providing concept and industrial design, DFM, mechanical and electronic engineering, prototyping, fine CNC and universal machining (mould and dye, aerospace etc.) and beyond.
Talamus Tool Tech 's rule is to serve the order with all the needed and maximally possible creativity and accuracy in time or even faster.
And here will be the place to show our progress.